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Author Topic: Understanding the Greatest Glitch Ever OoT  (Read 2513 times)


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Understanding the Greatest Glitch Ever OoT
« on: March 19, 2012, 07:45:25 PM »

So a couple of weeks ago the guys at ZSR discovered a crazy big glitch. By stepping into a blue warp while taking out an ocarina and dying on the right frame it was found that you could warp between dungeons. Hours afterwards, we found that the same thing worked when stepping into a blue warp and returning from farore's wind.

From what I can gather from experimenting, the reason the wrong warping (as we call it) occurs is due to the fact that the exit list value is overwritten, but because the stage value (as the debug rom calls it) is set, the next scene entrance becomes the exit list value that should have been hit, +4, plus the stage number. So if you die or return from a Farore's Wind warp point at the Deku Tree while entering the blue warp at Gohma, your exit list value is set to 0000 for deku tree, but the next scene entered is 0000 + 4 + stage 1, or 5, which falls into Dodongo's Cavern.

Hopefully that seems pretty straightforward, because it gets messier from here.

If the scene being loaded has a cutscene entrance for that stage value, a pointer value (801CA208 in v1.0) is updated to point to the cutscene data loaded in ram, and the cutscene plays (almost) normally. But for scenes which do not have a cutscene entrance listed, the cutscene played becomes whatever data is being pointed to by 801CA208, typically the last cutscene.

Now in theory it may be possible to load a cutscene that is complete garbage since the pointer value remains in memory, but the cutscene data can become "corrupt" by loading different scenes/maps, but it would be impossible to test every single combination; therefore the format needs to be understood to a degree.

The title intro is loaded at 80365080 if needed


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Re: Understanding the Greatest Glitch Ever OoT
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 08:54:22 PM »

at the risk of sounding stupid what if we see a mod with this glitch as a game play goal. either way that's some pretty hardcore debugging.
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