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Author Topic: I'm new here  (Read 2209 times)


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I'm new here
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:43:21 PM »

I just realized that I got an email approving my registration to Z64. Although I don't have enough free time to hack right now, I figured I'd go ahead and make a topic. When I finally do get time (and I feel like it), I'd like a quick reference to get me up to speed with what's going on. Normally for ROM hacking sites like this, I'd simply take a look at the wiki. However, at one time I was chatting with some of the folks on Z64's IRC channel and I found out that the wiki hasn't been updated in a long time, and what's worse, registrations to the wiki have been closed due to erm... unfortunate events.

I've been really thinking about it for a long time now, and I have a lot of ideas for a new hack. A total hack. Basically my own Zelda fan game, and yes, people have told me I'd be better off making a whole new engine from scratch and forgetting about ROM hacking altogether. But I really like the OoT/MM engine and there's a lot of resources I plan to reuse. But most importantly, I want it to be playable on real Nintendo 64 hardware when it's done. I know I'm probably aiming too high, but I'm determined to at least make an attempt at realizing my dream.

So, since I'm new here, I'd kind of like for you guys to introduce yourselves and let me get to know you. And I'd also like "the everything" related to Zelda 64 hacking, since the wiki is outdated. That is, links to the latest and greatest software for OoT/MM hacking (level editors, object importers, etc.), disassembles of... anything, and anything related to the "internal stuff"/ROM data. It'd also be nice if I could get news and information about ongoing and finished projects and useful patches. And such.

I know I'm asking a lot and coming off as lazy, and I'm halfway expecting comments such as "GTFO noob" and "read the fucking forum and figure everything out yourself" (as well as comments like "Z64 is dead"), but there's not a "getting started" guide anywhere to be found, and I'm always glad to meet new people. I just hope you guys are willing to share your knowledge with me.

I guess that's all for this post. I hope to get some responses soon!

EDIT: Now that I think about it this might not have been the best place to put this post. >.>
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Re: I'm new here
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 05:04:26 AM »

Don't worry about putting this post in this category.

I'm spinout. I used to be super up to date with everything. I'm not anymore. For what you're looking for, I would check out the-gcn.com. The usable hacking content on that site is, unfortunately, not as concentrated as it is on this site. It is however more 'bleeding edge'. xdaniel is doing jawesome stuff.

What would I suggest you do?
Get Nemu64 running smooth with a clean, PROPERLY patched debug ROM (Some good patches are on the-gcn iirc). Then try out a couple of other emulators, so you can ensure compatibility. Nemu64 is the hacker's best friend. Once you have the emulation deal figured out, start messing around with whatever it is you want to modify or hack. The information on the wiki isn't 'old' - granted, there is some information missing, but it is generally a great starting place. Look at the community portal.


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Re: I'm new here
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2013, 02:15:06 AM »

Here's an archive of my Nemu64 setup. It has the right version of Glide64, which is the "big deal". You'll have to change the input and resolution settings, though, because I was just playing it at 3x native resolution with a controller instead of a keyboard.

Don't put it in a directory with spaces in its path name, or the in-emu rom browser might break, IIRC.

Bonus: My copy of Renegade 64. This was the cool assembler back in the day, I still use it because it's more convenient for RAM patching than Nemu64's debugger.

They're not up yet, but I'm sure they will be by the time you read this.


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Re: I'm new here
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2013, 07:38:41 AM »

I would recomend a controller for nemu64 and a flash cart (everdrive 64 is the easiest to use but pricey) for the actual n64 hardware if you have the cash to spend. If you have any specific  questions dont be afraid to ask at the help center. It certainly has helped me especially at the beginning. If we cant answer it at first someones bound to figure it out eventually. It can be tough but keep pressing on. About 33% of everybody here is working on some type of mod (including me) and will not be done for quite a while. This is normal obviously but its just to remind you that were on the same boat as you.
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